Compost to Greens Program

Sea to Sky Thrivers Society will work with Sea to Sky Soils (, Green Moustache Juice Inc. and Lilwat Nation to deliver the following program:

  • Green Moustache gives its organic compost to Sea to Sky Soils
  • Sea to Sky Soils turns compost into garden soil in 14 days and then delivers the soil to the Lilwat Nation/Mount Currie band.
  • Lilwat Nation/Mount Currie band will use the organic soil to grow organic greens and other produce in already established green houses.
  • Green Moustache Juice Inc. will buy the produce from Lilwat Nation for use in its restaurants.

Sea to Sky Thrivers Society strongly believes in paying it forward to our planet one action at a time, we believe in saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty and advancing economic growth in our communities.

Every step in this program allows us to give back to our communities by reducing our ecological footprint and bettering the planet for our next generations, creating job opportunities in the community-based sustainable agriculture system, and help build local economies.