Eat to Beat Diabetes Program

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A most recent study from University of Calgary researchers found that about 8 of 10 First Nations people will develop diabetes at a young age, compared to 5 in 10 non–First Nations people.

Type II Diabetes is an epidemic in Canada and rates are expected to rise significantly in the future given that risk factors such as obesity, physical inactivity, and unhealthy eating patterns are high.

Sea to Sky Thrivers has developed a hands-on interactive program that combines Traditional Ecological Knowledge and evidence-based nutrition to empower both First Nations and non-First Nations individuals to take back their health and turn towards whole healing foods to prevent and reverse diabetes.

Our goal is to give individuals the knowledge to make positive life lasting changes so they can create strong resilient bodies and minds. Our Eat to Beat Diabetes program will first be delivered throughout communities in the Sea to Sky Corridor and will eventually expand to the Lower Mainland. 

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