Our high school pilot program was a success! Who would have guessed that 17 year old high school boys crave and care about organic nutritious foods. We strongly believe that through teaching and demonstrating to kids how to eat to prevent and reverse disease, we can help young individuals to understand the deep connection between food and chronic illness. Our goal is to spread the knowledge that up to 95% of chronic diseases can be prevented and even healed and that we can achieve lasting optimum health if our bodies are given the right ingredients to thrive.

School Programs we run:

Elementary School

We've teamed up with a local Theatre Production company; a company that has a well-deserved reputation for delivering quality well thought out plays in Elementary Schools. Children will learn about the science of nutrition, how food is medicine, and the art of how the body can repair and heal itself if it's well-cared for.



High School

Trained nutritionists will deliver this program to students to help them understand the importance of a whole plant-based food diet. The purpose of which is to help prevent and reverse chronic illnesses, cancer or a chronic condition as simple as acne. Our goal is to give them the necessary tools to learn new habits that can change their health and their life.



Youth are the voice of now and tomorrow. Our mission is to help young individuals achieve their full potential by connecting the dots between nutrition and brain health. Our hope is that by having them experience first-hand the value of a whole food plant-based diet, university students will spread the word among their peers and community groups to start a strong and positive food revolution.


Our society is excited to work with like minded organizations to create and deliver strong workshops and speaking events to students at the nutritional schools. Nicolette is an educated, charismatic, passionate speaker who delivers a strong message about using food as medicine and living life to the fullest and free of disease. Nicolette is known for her ability to effectively connect with her audience. She is a true believer in making a difference in our communities through optimizing health using food as medicine. 

Nutritional Schools